300 movie essay

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300 movie essay

The synopsis below may give 300 movie essay important plot points. Synopsis Spartan customs are harsh. The Spartans inspect each infant born to ensure it is whole - if it is deformed, the baby is abandoned to die.

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They raise their boys in the school of hard knocks, the agoge - in combat training, a small boy's loss of 300 movie essay weapon earns a bloody lip from the hand of his own father. At age 7, each young boy is torn from his mother and makes his own way in the wilderness, to return a man.

Even the King endures this rite of passage. At age 15, young King-to-be Leonidas Tyler Neitzel lures a wolf into a narrow passage so that he can kill it.

He returns home to be crowned King. Insulted by their attitude, King Leonidas kicks the messengers into a well. Acknowledging the threat of Xerxes's invasion force, he visits the Ephors priests to obtain their favour before sending the Spartan army in battle.

He proposes to repel the numerically superior enemy by using the terrain of the Hot Gates of Thermopylae, funneling the Persians into a narrow pass between the rocks and the sea, where their immense numbers will "count for nothing. In her drugged trance she decrees that Sparta must not go to war, lest they interrupt the sacred Carneian festival.

Leonidas departs in anger, and the priests receive their bribe of Xerxes' gold from the Spartan traitor, Theron Dominic Westfor their negative response. Leonidas is reluctant to defy the corrupt clergy outright, but his wife Lena Headey encourages him to think outside the box.

Leonidas elects to take of his best soldiers as his "bodyguard" on a leisurely walk to the strategic Hot Gates location. His wife says goodbye, telling him to come back "with his shield or on it", and gives him a necklace.

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On the road they meet some allies, who are shocked that the Spartans are sending such a small force. Leonidas asks the professions of the allied army, who are craftsmen and artisans. He points out that he has brought more soldiers than they. Joined by Arcadians and other Greeks, they arrive at Thermopylae.

In sight of the approaching Persian army, they construct a wall to contain the Persians' advance. Strong storms destroy some of Xerxes fleet, but it is only a small percentage of the massive army they will face.

A horribly disfigured man, Ephialtes Andrew Tiernancomes to see Leonidas to warn him of a disused goat path at the rear of his position.

Ephialtes claims that his parents fled Sparta at his birth to save his life. He hopes to redeem them by fighting for Leonidas. Leonidas explains that each Spartan warrior is a key part of the phalanx, and asks Ephialtes to show that he can lift his shield high enough to properly defend his fellow warriors.

When it becomes evident that he cannot, Leonidas gently tells him to care for the fallen instead. Ephialtes' fondest hopes are crushed. A Persian emissary arrives, and finds that the corpses of the previous scouting party now make up part of the large rock wall.

The Persian states that their arrows will blot out the sun, and the Spartans agree they will simply fight in the shade. The emissary's party is killed. Prior to the battle the Persians demand that the Spartans drop their arms and surrender. Leonidas refuses and challenges the Persians to come and take their weapons from them.

With their tightly-knit phalanx formation, the Spartans funnel the Persians into the narrow terrain, repeatedly rebuffing them and inflicting heavy casualties. Xerxes, impressed with Spartan fighting skill, personally approaches Leonidas to persuade him to surrender.

He promises Leonidas wealth and power in exchange for his loyalty.

300 movie essay

Leonidas declines, promising instead to make the "God King" bleed, and turns to rejoin his army. Dismayed at the refusal, Xerxes sends his masked personal guard, "The Immortals", which name the Spartans also prove false.

300 movie essay

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