Advantages of modern lifestyle

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Advantages of modern lifestyle

What are the advantages disadvantages of modern agriculture?

Advantages of modern lifestyle

Advantages and disadvantages of modern telecommunications? I think the advantages are the always being able to reach someone in an emergency - or the theory of it. I use modern communications to keep up with my son and some of his fri…ends.

None of the other parents think to do that. The disadvantages are that we are further apart than ever. Manners have suffered, stopping at a convenience store where the clerk is smacking gum and talking to her friend on the phone, as she looks at you like you are bothering her.

Has that happened to you yet?. I think we are more of islands unto ourselves. We no longer have to interface with people.

I think human contact is important and I think it has slipped. What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern gadgets? A gadget is a device or appliance having a unique purpose and function.

At the time of invention, a gadget is often way ahead of its peers in terms of novelty and uniqueness. The top ten gadgets that changed the world are debatable. The latest gadgets include superior versions of DVDs, smart phones, camcorders, laptops, iPods, iPhones, the Blackberry, PCs, computer notebooks, pedometers etc.

That modern gadgets have changed the world, is a gross understatement. No one wants to go back to the days of no television, no washing machines and certainly, no cell phone.

Hi-tech gadgets are proliferating by the dozen, as companies vie with each other to catch the eyes of gadget freaks or just time-pinched consumers.

Yet, rising from the din of MP3 players, DVD film premiers and podcasts is an ever increasing evidence, braced by scientific work, of the ill-health effects of modern gadgets. The study done by Carnegie Mellon University found that spending one hour a week on the Net led to an average increase of 1 percent on depression scale, a loss of 2.

A brief outline of how these gadgets and their hazards to health are described below: Electromagnetic fields EMFs Almost all modern gadgets produce electromagnetic fields or EMFs, be they powered by electric, electronic or battery sources.

Like x-rays, these waves are not blocked or weakened by objects in their way. They pass into our bodies upsetting normal cellular function and biological processes. EMR can cause headaches, tiredness and even immune system disorders. Scientists believe that appliances such as electric hair dryers, shavers and bedside digital alarms are more dangerous due to their proximity to the human head.

Some persons like Kathleen Lucas, of Glasgow are so sensitive to electromagnetic fields that they are actually incapacitated by modern gadgets.

Lucas, 55, could not go anywhere near a microwave oven, cell phone, iPod, etc. Confined to her home for decades as a result of this, an EMF-shielding costume sold by an innovative company, Hitek, finally came to her rescue.

The suit contained a silver thread, which helped conduct electricity away.An article that discusses the importance of marriage and why marriage is so necessary in today's modern society. Using quotes not only from dictionaries and encyclopedias but also from The Holy Koran and Allah's messenger Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) this article has argued the points presented in today's society due to the neglecting of marriage.

Jan 31,  · Yurt design orginates in Mongolia, where these tent-like structures were the year-round homes of Mongols living high in the mountains. This blog tracks our journey from designing, to building, to living in a modern yurt in rural Canada.

Convenience. As a form of transportation, cycling offers several distinct advantages to automotive transport. Cycling does not contribute to air or noise pollution.

One of the hottest debates in the information technology community today centers around cloud computing. Proponents suggest the flexibility, scalability and economics of the cloud make it a logical choice, while opponents point to security and privacy concerns as reasons not to move to the cloud. Modern lifestyle has made life easy but also short because nowadays people do things not to lust, its like they do them for granted for example the love relationships that is found in social networks not all of us believe in it, but in a traditional way it can last forever until death do people apart. Jan 31,  · Yurt design orginates in Mongolia, where these tent-like structures were the year-round homes of Mongols living high in the mountains. This blog tracks our journey from designing, to building, to living in a modern yurt in rural Canada.

In the modern world, abortions have become a norm of life. It is considered to be one of the easiest and convenient ways of getting rid of unwanted and accidental pregnancies. There is a theory that the brains of our northern ancestors devised a way to oscillate their moods between manic and depressive to align the former with light, warm seasons and the latter with the cold darkness of .

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Advantages of modern lifestyle
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