Best composer to write about

Share Shares 2K When FlameHorse sent this list in, I was rather surprised to find that after two and a half years, we have not features a list of greatest composers!

Best composer to write about

Think if you knew how to play guitar or another instrument you could come up with a small piece for 2 guitars or 4 guitars. If you are comfy in how they sound and each piece you could almost 'imagine' how 2 guitars would sound together although, many old composers had people that would come over pupils even that would play a piece just for a demo run.

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For the most part, the longest time in writing music for gifted composers is writing down what they already heard in their heads and its hard to do but not impossible. Think of a song you really like and close your eyes and attempt to hear it. Can you hear all of it or most?

Classical composers are just extraordinaire especially from centuries back because of the technology they had to work with and also because some symphonies have dozens of different instrument in different keys and voices!

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It is rather insane when you think about it, but obviously doable. Also, music was a career. Hence you studied and worked your booty off daily and with so many musicians, you really had to be great in order to make it.

Even the great ones struggled constantly, but they had music within their head constantly. Together with practice and theory and the drive to compose something great, you will hear symphonies. You can also build from templates in your head. Now multiply that by a if you are a decent musician and by if you were Mozart:How to Write a Research Paper on Classical Composers.

This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see to the left. Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters. Dec 17,  · The greatest composer of music who has ever lived. Bach did not invent any new styles of forms of music, but rather perfected every single one of them which existed in his day.

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He remains the all-time master of the fugue, a form which is so difficult to write that even Mozart and Beethoven, both of whom wrote fugal masterpieces, hated writing them. This is a list of composers who have written symphonies, listed in chronological order by year of birth, alphabetical within includes only music composers of significant fame, notability or importance who also have current Wikipedia articles.

How to Write a Music History Paper 1.

best composer to write about

Select a Subject Area performance issues, composer biographies, and source readings; and the "For Further Reading" section at the end of the book. Listen to the music we will be covering this semester, or to other music from this period.

best composer to write about

Imagine that you are trying to convince your best friend to. Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Chopin, Debussy, Mahler, Ravel, Stravinsky all of the great composers could read, write, and think in music notation.

There are many resources for learning to read music out there, and a quick google search should point you in the right direction. 10 Classical Albums to Listen to While Studying or Writing Whenever I want to sit down and write in a space for and it was written by one of the world's best composers with a unique and.

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