Brief analysis of music essay


Brief analysis of music essay

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Brief analysis of music essay

Mozart, — is probably the most important composer in the history of music. He is also a broad composer, whose works have an extensive coverage from such solo music and ensembles as piano, chamber music, and choral music to such relatively complex music as concerto, symphony, and opera.

From his earliest childhood, Mozart showed such a prodigious talent for music that his father decided to drop all other ambitions in order to educate young Mozart with all his might. They traveled to many cities and countries, performed various pieces of music to different aristocrat and duke, and gained highly positive reputations.

Though recognized as a gifted musician and great composer, Mozart did not live a better life during most time of his life; his music however, was able to survive and become well-regarded all around the world.

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Composed inwhich is the date that most scholars suggested, it is the second piece in a set of sonatas K. The first movement of sonata K. The second movement is as usual as other typical sonatas that are in a slow tempo, gentle in dynamic, and relatively short in length.

One thing worth discussing about the second movement is the key signature. Usually, composers would like to change the key in the second movement of a sonata, providing a necessary tonal contrast.

Here in Sonata K. During the second half of the eighteenth century there was a vogue across Europe for the incorporation of Turkish elements into music; those elements are primarily percussions, creating a strong sense of rhythm. In the third movement, the use of loudly-spread chords in left hand clearly produced a percussive effect.

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The right hand part is a rondo, an Italian word means refrain recurring patterns in music. It was also widely performed by various pianists; some of them even adapted the piece to create a more dramatic and gorgeous sound, of which I consider Arcadi Volodos to be the best one. What I want to concentrate here is the first movement of Sonata K.

The picture above is the theme part, which can be divided in to two periods separated by the double vertical lines at the end of measure 8, the second measure in the second line.


Period 1 contains two parallel phrases measures 1 — 4 and 5 — 8. Phrase 2 is almost the same as phrase 1 except ending in a perfect authentic cadence, concluding the first period.

Brief analysis of music essay

Period 2 begins with a four-measure phrase that is contrasting to all other phrases both melodically and rhythmically, continues with another four-measure phrase that is parallel to period 1 and an imperfect authentic cadence, and finally ends with a phrase extension in measures 17 and The reason I analyze in detail for the theme part is that most following variations consist with exactly the same structure, only diverse in notes organizing and music characteristics.

One perceptible advantage of the use of variations is easily changing music style frequently, producing a dramatic effect. In the third variation, there is a big change happening.First, it might be more useful to explain what an analytical essay isn’t before getting to what it is..

An analytical essay isn’t a summary. Though this may seem obvious in theory, it’s more difficult in practice. A brief analysis of the film “Sarafina” Essay Sample.

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Contributors Themes The purpose of this post is to present information about various musical themes found in the movie Interstellar and how they relate to the story.
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Sarafina is the story of a group of black-South African teenagers living through the apartheid in a poor area of the country called Soweto.

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A Brief Analysis of Mozart Sonata K | Essay Example