Favorite instrument

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Favorite instrument

Actually the song is one of Favorite instrument favorites too Below is a list of "my favorite things" with over linksdouble the number of Version 1.

The following list includes neither "favorite books" fiction or nonfiction nor "favorite albums" nor "favorite symphonic works" except in isolated instances of illustration since all of these categories merit lists of their own.

In the meanwhile, I've begun a new " favorite songs " list The links herein are meant for entertainment purposes only. Favorite instrument do not necessarily endorse or approve every item within every link. And I do not have complete knowledge of all the subsidiary linksnavigate at your own risk.

The next year, Smarty Jones had the chance to remain undefeated and to become the first Triple Crown winner in 26 years. My favorite Triple Crown winner remains Secretariat who won the Triple Crown in grand style inalso after a year drought.

Oh, and I also like the Olympics Summer and Winterand even a little hockey though I'd like it a lot more if it were a lot less like Roller Derby In the final analysis, however, nothing compares to my love for. Need I say more?

Favorite instrument

The Cathedral of Baseball. A team, playing in The House that Ruth Builtsynonymous with baseball, with a tradition for professionalism and excellence. I have been a die-hard Yankees fanatic since childhood. My fanaticism reached fever-pitch in the s with Ron GuidryThurman MunsonReggie JacksonGraig Nettlesand the like, especially inwhen the Bronx Bombers came back from a game deficit to beat the Boston Red Sox in a one-game playoff at Fenway Park till this day, Beantown fans call the shortstop who hit the home-run off the Green Monster: Of course, being a Yankees fan over the last 30 or so years, I have seen more defeat than victory in contrast to those who were fans of the Yanks in the days of Babe RuthLou GehrigJoe DiMaggioMickey MantleYogi Berraand Phil Rizzuto who was also a hilarious sportscaster for the teamand so forth.

But my passion is no less feverish today, with the likes of Derek Jeter Jeter is my favorite current YankeeAndy PettitteMariano Riverastill part of the Core Four Posada is now retired that brought them four World Championships from through and another in Check out the sportspages to keep up with your favorite team!

MUSIC I'm a real music lover and my tastes are so diverse, I'd have a hard time coming up with five discs to bring with me to a desert island.

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Here are some music-related sites: And one of my favorite songs remains: And great classical pieces from a great Hungarian composer. His compositions are both muscular and moving, filled with the sounds of struggle and redemption. Brazil's answer to Gershwin.

Truly outstanding composer; the " Concierto de Aranjez " is among my favorites especially as played by Julian Breamthe Segovia of his generationthough it has been interpreted by jazz artists as well, such as Miles Davis and Jim Halland even Chick Coreawho used it as the introduction to "Spain".

Carl is a great jazz guitarist, and Joanne is a magnificent jazz singer. And they happen to be related to me: Carl is my brother, Joanne is my sister-in-law. And nepotism aside, the music is out of this world. The perfect integration of thought and feeling.

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From Return to Forever till todaywhat a talented player and composer. Jazz reeds and horns: Not just beautiful, melodic Bossa Nova and Jobim and Gilberto.

Check out his album " Focus " for one of the greatest orchestral jazz works ever recorded. Check out his album, with Michel Legrand" Images " for one of the greatest single jazz symphonies in three movements ever written. Benny Goodman and Buddy DeFranco. And Toots Thielmans who plays a harmonica like a saxophone.

I saw them both when they were alivethey set the standards by which all others will be judged:Buy D'Addario RVCASE04 Multi-Instrument Reed Storage Case with Humidity Control Pack for all Clarinets and Saxophones: Bags & Cases - srmvision.com .

Free interactive Halloween Crossword puzzle. Halloween puns and Halloween riddles complete this spooky interactive game for kids. Instrument Families in Music The instrument families are made up of four main families: woodwinds, brass, strings, and percussion.

The pictures below include some of the instruments . Patatap is a portable animation and sound kit. With the touch of a finger create melodies charged with moving shapes.

Favorite instrument

Warning: contains flashing images. The cuíca (Portuguese pronunciation:) is a Brazilian friction drum with a large pitch range, produced by changing tension on the head of the drum.

Cuíca is Portuguese for the gray four-eyed opossum (Philander opossum) which is known for its high-pitched srmvision.com is frequently used in carnivals, as well as often in samba music. The tone it produces has a high-pitched squeaky timbre.

Home > Arts and Crafts Projects for Kids > Musical Instruments Crafts for Kids to Make. MUSICAL INSTRUMENT CRAFTS FOR KIDS: Make Your Own Homemade Drums, Kazoos, Flutes, and String Instruments for Children, Teens, and Preschoolers.

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