Late mover advantage case study

However, he is fair in pointing out that there are the following exceptions:

Late mover advantage case study

Whatsapp Though a late entrant, Toyota is planning to conquer the Indian car market. The Japanese auto major wants to dispel the notion that the first mover enjoys an edge over the rivals who arrive late into a market.

Toyota entered the Indian market through the joint venture route, the partner being the Bangalore based Kirloskar Electric Co. To start with, TKM released its maiden offer—Qualis. Qualis is not a newly conceived, designed, and brought out vehicle. Rather it is the new avatar of Kijang under which brand the vehicle was sold in markets like Indonesia.

Qualis virtually had no competition. Rather, it was mini-truck converted into a rugged all-purpose van. More importantly, Toyota proved that even its old offering, but decked up for India, could offer better quality than its competitor. Sumo sold 25, vehicles duringcompared to a 3 per cent growth over the previous year, compared to 25, of Qualis.

But duringit was a different story. Qualis had been clocking more than 40 per cent share of the market. The heady initial success has made TKM think of the future with robust confidence.

ByTKM wants to make and sell one million vehicles per year and garner one-third share of the Indian market. The firm is planning to introduce a wide range of vehicle—a sub-compact, a sedan, a luxury car and a new multi-utility vehicle to replace Qualis.

A significant percentage of the vehicles will be exported. But Toyota is not as lucky in China. Init sold just 1,83, cars in China, the fastest growing auto market in the world.

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The first car manufactured by Toyota-FAW, the Vios, failed to attract much of a market, as, despite its unremarkable design, it was three times as expensive as most cars sold in China. Late start was not the only problem. There were other lapses too. Toyota assumed the Chinese market would be similar to the Japanese market.

But Chinese market, in reality, resembled the American market. Sales personnel in Japan are paid salaries. They succeeded in building a loyal clientele for Toyota by providing first-class service to them.

Likewise, most Japanese auto dealers sell a single brand, thereby ensuring their loyalty to it. Japan is a relatively a well-knit country with an ethnically homogeneous population. Accordingly, Toyota used nationwide advertising to market its products in its home country.

But China is different.

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Sales people are paid commissions and most dealers sell multiple brands. Obviously, loyalty plays little role in motivating either the sales staff or the dealers, who will ignore a slow selling product should a more profitable one turn up.

Late mover advantage case study

Besides, China is a large, diverse country. A standardised ad campaign will not do. Luckily, Toyota is learning its lessons. But, its chances are brighter as the company is able to transfer lessons learned in the American market to its operations in China.

In addition, the new product of Toyota-FAW, the Vios failed to sustain in market due to its unremarkable design and excessive, i.Comments 17 minutes.

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Late Mover Advantage. Case Study-5 Late mover advantage Though a late mover, Toyota, the Japanese auto major wants to dispel the notion that the first mover enjoys an edge over the rivals who arrive late into a market.

Toyota entered the Indian market through the JV route; the partner being the Bangalore based Kirlosker Electric Co., . Remember, though, being a first mover is not a guarantee of a sustainable competitive advantage. Here are two examples of followers who were able to outmaneuver the first movers and walk away with.

There have been many cases where late movers from countries other than the countries of the first movers have entered the business of mid-product in the electronics industry, and surpassed the pioneering company. This study analyses where the superiority of late movers lies. From the perspective of innovation dynamics, product innovation and process innovation are end-stage occurrences, while.

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