Learn chinese writing app

Seeing how China is developing exponentially, a lot of people are seeking opportunities to find work there. Others are just traveling or studying there.

Learn chinese writing app

Multimedia Chinese Courses Nowadays there is no shortage of free resources for learning a language: However, many people are still looking for a more professional Mandarin course, the type of course that is generally paid. Personally, in the past few years, I have bought a few of them.

Learning Chinese for Beginners

There are two main reasons for that: Often, you must pay if you want the best resources. Who would take the time to develop such a wonderful learning tools for free? The ultimate goal is to learn the language.

And achieving this objective requires a long-time commitment. The problem is that there are so many different Chinese courses and find the right one may be painful.

Given my experience with foreign languages — Mandarin is my sixth language — I thought I could help these people by listing the main Chinese courses in the market and highlight the difference among them.

Podcasts and Videos FluentU FluentU is an innovative platform that uses a broad selection of videos as its learning materials. The videos include both videos especially designed for them as well as a selection of ads, music videos and documentaries, among others, with subtitles in Chinese and English.


However, FluentU is much more than a selection of videos with subtitles, as the platform offers a ton of additional tools to get the most out of your studying time, like flashcards, tests and grammar lessons among others, all perfectly integrated.

ChinesePod ChinesePod is one of the most popular podcasts to study Chinese, At the moment it offers almost 3, lessons of about minutes each and a new lesson is uploaded every day.

You can study on your laptop or download the files in mp3 format and listen to them on your favorite music player this is what I do. There are six levels of difficulty so this product also suits advanced learners. Every lesson comes with a pdf transcription and translation.

Click here to read my full review of the software.

5 Learn Chinese Apps For Android

Yoyo Chinese Yoyo Chinese is an online platform that offers a complete course for learning Chinese that covers all aspects of the language vocabulary, writing, grammar and written and oral comprehension.

The course is based on video lessons both from teachers as well as on real situations in China. Yoyo Chinese focuses its program for learning Mandarin Chinese from a practical point of view in order to improve your real communication abilities both written and oralleaving more academic instruction on the language in the background.

In other words, this is a course for people whose priority is to learn the Chinese used every day. Try Yoyo Chinese now! The first 20 lessons are free! Here you find our full review of the course. ChineseClass ChineseClass is another complete platform based on podcasts.

Learning Chinese with FunEasyLearn

The platform offers hundreds of podcasts of around 15 minutes that are perfectly organized according to the subject and level of competency. Each of them is structured in the same way, starting with a dialogue from an everyday situation followed by a complete analysis regarding vocabulary, grammar and culture.

learn chinese writing app

Among these tools are: Limited offer for new subscribers of ChineseClass The first month you only pay 1 USD for the Premium subscription. Writing and reading Chinese characters Skritter Skritter is a software designed to teach you how to write Chinese characters and remember them.

As soon as you register, you can download a list of characters there are a lot.Written Chinese > 30 Ways the Written Chinese Dictionary App Will Help you Learn Chinese The Written Chinese elves have been busy behind the scenes again, updating the Written Chinese Dictionary.

The latest version has sneaked in some great new features to help you study that you might not even be aware of. Dec 04,  · Learn Chinese - ChineseSkill is the perfect app for beginners learning Mandarin Chinese On-the-Go. The app contains numerous fun and engaging bite-sized lessons that test your listening, speaking, reading, and writing ability of Mandarin Chinese language/5(K).

book 2 Learn fast and easily with the language course Chinese by "50 languages" Chinese is the language with the most speakers worldwide. That said, there is not one but rather several Chinese languages. Chineasy is a new method for learning Chinese. Last month ShaoLan Hsueh found herself at a press conference in Taiwan to promote Chineasy, a highly visual method for learning the Chinese language.

Learn to write Chinese and Japanese characters. Loading application. If you are learning simplified Chinese, then click on Chinese (Simplified), or if you want to enter traditional Chinese characters, then click on Chinese (Traditional).

You will then see a list of the input methods, for the Chinese handwriting recognition, click Handwriting.

Skritter - Learn to Write Chinese and Japanese Characters