Movie film and book

The movie version of a book you want your students to read is about to come out. In fact, as they found when they started creating teaching resource guides for educators, including a recent one for The Giver, the movie can actually do something amazing for the book: It can spark a new interest in reading.

Movie film and book

False Rumours What is a "Change"? Tolkien books upon which they are based. I am attempting to document each difference, regardless of whether I personally consider them to be good or bad, major or trivial.

In compiling The List, I decided to apply a very broad definition to the word "change," for one of my goals is to pass along to other Tolkien fans what I have learned about the upcoming films.

Movie film and book

I include not only alterations to the books' plot, but also book scenes that are not included in the films as well as new scenes written by the film-makers -- especially if those additions or deletions are controversial to Tolkien fans.

I also consider plot elements that are shown in a different manner or sequence than they are in the books. However, I have decided not to list Peter Jackson's interpretation on issues that Tolkien is unclear about: Explanation of Terms Each change is described as follows: The change that is reportedly depicted in the films.

How the books differ from what is depicted in the films. The rationale behind the change, based upon explanations given by cast or crew members, or theories suggested by myself and other fans.

Arguments against the change, made by myself or other fans who have found problems associated with the change.

I read every news item about this project I could find on the Internet and maintained a set of links to especially informative news articles and Tolkien web sites having information about the films.

As I participated in message board discussions about Jackson's adaptation, I would occasionally come across fans debating some rumored change that I had yet to read about. When I followed up on the rumor by checking my news sources, I sometimes discovered that the rumor had no basis in fact.

It occurred to me that with so much about this adaptation to debate, fans should confine their discussions to changes that had actually been reported. Words from The Wise "Lord of the Rings is perhaps the most faithful screenplay ever adapted from a long novel.

This is not just because our writing quartet is devoted to the original and would share other fans' resentment if it were"mistreated". Tolkien has an advantage over Dickens, Tolstoy and other epic writers. His story lines have a clear sweep and are less concerned with the byways and subplots which characterise 19th century novels.

Consequently the major milestones of the Fellowship's journey are intact. Inevitably, even in a three-film version, there will be some omissions of characters and elisions of events but as the story unfolds onscreen and as the landscapes are seen for the first time, little will be missed. Peter Jackson's movie does not challenge the novel's supremacy any more than the distinguished book illustrations by Howe, Lee et al were meant to replace Tolkien's descriptive words.

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Lists about: The BOOK was BETTER than the MOVIE, The MOVIE was BETTER than the BOOK, I Only Watched the Movie!, I Saw the Movie & Read the Book, Book To. Frankenstein and his monster have been portrayed in a book and in movies.

Examine the difference between the original novel and two movies from the s in this lesson.

Movie film and book

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