My last match of cif

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My last match of cif

A Saturday may be counted as one of the ten 10 practice days. The student athlete may not participate in an interschool contest until the eleventh calendar day excluding Sundays.

An athlete competing in the prior sports season may waive the mandatory ten 10 days of practice, excluding wrestling. Beyond the league championship meet, competition will be limited to varsity classification only. Scratch weight in Exceptions 1 and 2 refers to the original weights, i. Failure to comply will result in the wrestler being ineligible to compete and charged with forfeiture.

My last match of cif

Failure to comply will result in the wrestler being ineligible to compete. Contestants in an individual tournament including Section and State Championship tournaments shall weigh in at the tournament site a maximum of two hours before the first session of each day.

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For any event, all contestants shall be present in and remain in the designated weigh-in area at the time established by meet administration. Contestants shall not leave the designated weigh-in area unless permission is granted by the meet administration.

The weigh-in shall proceed through the weight classes beginning with the lowest weight class and end immediately upon completion of the highest weight class. A contestant shall weigh-in for only one weight class during the weigh-in period.

If only one scale is available, a contestant may step on and off that scale two times to allow for mechanical inconsistencies in that scale. If the contestant fails to make weight on the first scale, the contestant shall immediately step on each available scale one time in an attempt to make weight.

Dual matches shall count as one point each. Each match wrestled in a tournament shall count as one point.

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Forfeits do not count as a point. Any competition involving two schools shall constitute a dual meet and any competition involving more than two schools shall constitute a tournament. Participation in league championship tournaments,will count toward the 40 match total.

The 40 points limitation shall apply to each wrestler regardless of the levels of competition in which the wrestler participates during the season of sport. Each league and CIF Section shall take action necessary to enforce these provisions.

The CIF will utilize the NWCA Optimal Performance Calculator as the mechanism to calculate the certified minimum weight for each wrestler and as the data reporting and retrieval tool for all member schools sponsoring wrestling.

Refractometers will be utilized to determine hydration levels through analysis of urine. Only measurements taken by persons who have successfully completed the CIF Assessor Certification Workshop will be valid.

It is the responsibility of the school to contact an assessor from this list and arrange a time to have its wrestling squad assessed or attend a CIF Section sponsored regional testing clinic.

Once a wrestler competes at a weight class allowed by the weight loss plan, the option to challenge is voided. The allowance referenced in The allowance is not applicable to the weights referenced in the weekly weight loss plan. A specific gravity result of less than or equal to 1.

Any wrestler not passing the urine specific gravity test must wait a minimum of 24 hours in order to be retested. Wrestlers may be measured any time on or following this date and no later than January 15 to establish a minimum wrestling weight. All wrestlers, including those coming out late, must have their minimum wrestling weight established prior to competing.

Bioelectrical Impedance Assessment Data Forms. Plastic collection cups to conduct urine specific gravity tests. Two adults teacher, AD, parent, etc. A waiver form must be signed by a physician, a parent, the principal and the head wrestling coach. Wrestlers may not compete at their waiver weight class until the completed waiver form, with all four 4 required signatures, has been received by the appropriate CIF Section Office.Bakersfield, CA () Today.

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