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You know, I would put up a large, bright building—very bright, with large windows and lofty rooms.

Online essays by maxim gorky

His first play, Smug Citizen also known as The Petty Bourgeois and The Philistinescontains imperfections but is nevertheless very promising. The Lower Depths, which premiered in the same year as Smug Citizen, is generally regarded as his dramatic masterpiece. At the same time, Gorky did not stand still as a playwright.

Online essays by maxim gorky

Indeed, his treatment of the tramp figure in The Lower Depths was to be the last time that he devoted a major work to these social outcasts. These last plays reveal a sparser set of characters than do the earlier plays, but they also contain a greater psychological and dramatic intensity. At that time, Chekhov, well established as a brilliant short-story writer, was about to gain recognition for his equally outstanding contributions to world theater; the plays by which Chekhov is best known were staged by the Moscow Art Theater between late and Chekhov encouraged Gorky in his dramatic experiments and lent his younger colleague support when work on his first play went badly.

Like Chekhov, Gorky sets his work in the provinces, and he focuses Online essays by maxim gorky a single household that is in turmoil. Gorky, too, tends to emphasize situation over plot.

Fragments of Recollections

The action of the play does not so much involve a complex intrigue as it involves the changing relationships among characters while they are undergoing a critical moment in their lives. At the same time, even before the end of act 1, the play embraces a new, non-Chekhovian element.

Chekhov is more willing to let the audience draw its own conclusions about his characters; Gorky wants to convey a specific message.

This first play, while containing many fine scenes and well-drawn portrayals, seems static. Still, the work marked an auspicious beginning and enjoyed some success from the time of its first performance. Despite the large number of roles, each of the individuals is carefully delineated and distinguished from the rest.

For example, the Baron is a person who has come down in life, and he mocks those who try to imagine a better life for themselves; yet he expresses pride in his supposed pedigree, and when his musings about his noble family are attacked as lies, he is not able to cope.

Although most of the figures have reached the bottom by the time the play opens, the locksmith Kleshch drifts down to that level as the action unfolds. His wife, Anna, whom he had brutally mistreated, dies in the course of the play, yet he seems less malicious than simply inadequate to deal with the challenges that life sets before him.

In an altercation, Pepel kills the owner and ends up in jail. Satin, a cardsharper who has spent time in prison for killing a man, and Luka, a wanderer who comes to the lodging house for only a short time.

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Luka offers others consolation. He tells Anna that death is nothing to be feared, for she will have peace at last. He advises Pepel to run off to Siberia.

Luka believes in lying when necessary to inspire people or at least to avoid despair. Although he acts more humanely than any of the other characters in the play, Gorky meant him to be a negative character, somebody who consoled others only to preserve his own peace and comfort.

Satin, whose monologue dominates the final act after Luka has left the play, offers a ringing affirmation of truth, of a life that lacks illusions, The entire section is 2, words.HOME Free Essays ‘Mother’ by Maxim Gorky ‘Mother’ by Maxim Gorky Essay.

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Online essays by maxim gorky

Order now. Maxim Gorky >The cultural and political activities of the Russian author Maxim Gorky >() Among his political writings of this period is the essay O russkom krestianstve (On the Russian Peasantry), which appeared in in Berlin and during the s in the Soviet Union.

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