Osama bin laden research paper

Romanization of Arabic There is no universally accepted standard for transliterating Arabic words and Arabic names into English; [26] however, bin Laden's name is most frequently rendered "Osama bin Laden". Less common renderings include "Ussamah bin Ladin" and, in the French-language media, "Oussama ben Laden". Other spellings include "Binladen" or, as used by his family in the West, "Binladin".

Osama bin laden research paper

In the three months he spent in London, bin Laden was said to have visited Highbury, home pitch of Arsenal FC, four times.

Each time Bin Laden marveled at the passion of the fans then present Kuper, This amazement reportedly did not stop bin Laden from planning an attack on British and American soccer teams at the World Cup Kuper, The experience, however, had bin Laden dreaming about beating American pilots and relating this dream to one of his lieutenants, who in turn would later compare the experience of watching an Egyptian family celebrating the World Trade Center collapse to the joy felt after a win in a difficult match.

That victory triggered major celebrations in the streets of Tehran, where ordinary Iranians were reported to have viewed the victory also as a moral one Bromberger, This is remarkable as those who watched the victory could also have shared their views on how soccer fulfilled a metaphorical fantasy of sorts, instead of quoting an Al-Qaeda activist merely relating how he noticed an Egyptian family celebrate the collapse of the World Trade Center.

Merely describing the apparent joy of persons one sees on television does not carry as much weight as the actual and direct observation of persons so affected. Far from being odd, this is course of action is quite logical. A successful attack on the English soccer team would have brought about a period of national mourning unseen since the death of Jesus Christ.

To use a Marxist idea, these men are gods to ordinary Britons. This is where Kuper could have explored how the plan would not affect Americans that much and how its effect would have been isolated in Europe. The article then proceeds to theorize that the interplay between soccer and the general public comes into clearer view when viewed under a political lens.

Austrian politician Jorg Haider used the same tactic to make himself and his far-right stance more appealing to casual voters. Brazilian politicians campaign in shirts of local clubs to make them more palatable.

British voters in the town of Hartlepool have the mascot of the local soccer team as mayor. The use of sporting events as a metaphor for societal events that are larger than life is not new, as the role of cultural phenomena as microcosms of society is well-documented.

It is used by dictators and revolutionaries, a symbol of oligarchy and anarchy. It gets presidents elected or thrown out, and it defines the way people think, for good or ill, about their countries. Kuper, In his haste to place soccer upon its questioned throne as the only social phenomenon capable of political change, Kuper conveniently overlooks the example of George W.

Bush, who successfully parlayed his experience as the managing partner of the Texas Rangers of the American professional baseball league into the Governorship of the State of Texas and eventually onto the Oval Office.

Osama bin laden research paper

In this light, perhaps it would have been better for Kuper to instead focus on sport in general, not just soccer, as a unifying force, of which the World Cup is merely proof of the phenomenon.

Kuper cites Mauricio Macri, owner of the wildly popular Boca Juniors team, as an example of a person whose political clout considerably increased following his acquisition of the famed club.

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Kuper also notes that when Argentina won the World Cup, such was the ensuing chaos that ordinary citizens could not pay attention, much less care, to political abductions occurring under their very noses; neither did the government notice escaped political detainees wandering the streets.

In the World Cup, Argentine players hoped to rejuvenate the still-moribund Argentine economy with a win by evoking those same feelings of nationalism and euphoria. Bush, whose stock rose considerably following their purchase and acquisition of a major professional sports franchise or team Wikipedia, n.

Kuper asserts that soccer has long been used as an instrument of propaganda in the Marxist notion of a mass opiate. Attempts to use soccer to boost public morale backfired on the Nazis when the German team lost to Switzerland in and Sweden in In dismay, Goebbels ordered a halt to international competition to stop the demoralization it caused.

Dictators have also used soccer as a social distraction. The Nazi withdrawal of its national soccer team from international competition should not be viewed in isolation.Much ado has been had over Osama bin Laden’s visit to the United Kingdom, where, over the course of several months, the infamous leader of Al-Qaeda, aside from meeting backers, supporters, and financiers, attended several Arsenal matches at Highbury.

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Osama Bin Laden Research Paper Osama Bin Laden; the Osama Bin Laden had a negative influence on societies, economies, and religion throughout the world because of his actions in masterminding many radical terrorist attacks, and because he created and funded al-Qaeda.


Osama bin laden research paper

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Osama Bin Laden Research Paper Words | 11 Pages. Osama Bin Laden; the mastermind of 9/11 Christian Hanke December 21, World History Period 1 Osama Bin Laden changed the world on September 11, , when he orchestrated the 9/11 bombings on .

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