Rencontre guer

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Rencontre guer

The following article is part of a preliminary draft of a report that will be issued later this year on human rights in Rencontre guer. Sagan is a well-known human rights activist who interviewed over former prisoners from Vietnam in preparation for this report.

Details of the interviews will be brought out in fuller detail when the report is issued. Ten years ago, demonstrations were held around the world to protest political repression and imprisonment in South Vietnam. Seven years ago, Communist forces completed their conquest of South Vietnam.

Rencontre guer

Many are still held in the camps today, but the world is mostly silent on their plight. To the Hanoi regime and its more vocal defenders abroad, re-education is seen as a very positive way to integrate the former enemy into the new society.

It is, according to Communist leaders of Vietnam, an act of mercy, since those in the camps deserve the death penalty or life imprisonment. The former prisoners, on the other hand, see re-education from quite a different perspective. Re-education as it Rencontre guer been implemented in Vietnam is both a means of revenge and a sophisticated technique of repression and indoctrination which developed for several years in the North and was extended to the South following the Communist takeover.

Yet it has largely failed in its effort to remold individuals because the ideology upon which it is based underestimates the power of the human spirit. Estimates of those still detained in the camps range from 20, government estimate toWe know of at least 80 reeducation camps in Vietnam although some of them may have been consolidated since the prisoners we interviewed were releasedand estimate thatare still in the camps.

Those detained include military officers and government officials of the former regime, medical doctors, religious leaders, artists, poets, political leaders and schoolteachers, just to mention a few.

We will focus this report on the re-education camps in Vietnam, rather than the prisons, of which there are many, because we have much less information about the latter. The method of implementing Resolution 49 was brought out in General Circular No.

Vietnamese Communist leaders argue that the system of reeducation is a humane alternative for those who deserve educational reform but not punishment. From what we have discussed so far, however, the difference between re-education and imprisonment is not clear.

The Paris Agreements was proclaimed a victory for their side by the DRV and NLF National Liberation Frontand its representatives pointed out that several portions of the treaty, including Article 11, were virtually identical to statements made in previous declarations of the NLF, including its founding statement in While presenting themselves as genuine civil libertarians despite the police state in the Northwhile proclaiming that Article 11 was in perfect agreement with international law, including the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, DRV and NLF leaders severely criticized the South Vietnamese government for not respecting the human rights mentioned in Article In other words, both categories of prisoners are held in direct violation of Article 11 of the Paris Agreements, an international treaty, and therefore of international law.

Registration and Arrest In May ofvarious groups of Vietnamese were ordered to register with the new regime that had established control over the South on April 30, Then, in June, the new regime issued orders instructing those who had registered in May to report to various places for re-education.

Nevertheless, there was some hope, for the government gave the clear impression that reform study would last no more than a month for even the highest ranking officers and officials of the former government in South Vietnam, and ten days for lower-ranking officers and officials.Rencontre entre deux artistes qui croient au pouvoir des mots.

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