Stuff to write about for a school newsletter

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Stuff to write about for a school newsletter

See more school newsletters. Whatever approach you might use, "steal the ideas you like, the ideas that might help you meet the needs of your school or community," said Potter, who is principal at Silver Sands Middle School in Port Orange, Florida. Want to begin "stealing" ideas right now?

As a starting point, you might check out school newsletters that are available online. We found a bunch of current newsletters online. See the sidebar for links to those newsletters. If students are old enough, have them write some of the articles in your newsletter, added Potter.

Gather sample newsletters from others and use them as models from which to borrow, she said. Kang-Weisz also recommended keeping articles short and trying different layouts.

stuff to write about for a school newsletter

How often do you want to communicate? What will draw parents to read your newsletter? Then set aside time each week to dedicate to the constructing it. Allen School in Aurora, Illinois, also advised planning ahead.

Creating a year-long map of content to be included in newsletters can help a great deal when a principal is crunched for time and up against a deadline. Planning ahead to know how articles will be collected, who will put together the newsletter, and the timelines, will be a big help.

Is it for PR? Is it to promote school activities? To increase parent involvement? Maybe it is for all of those purposes. Then gear your content toward your goals. Keep your message concise.

My newsletter is an opportunity to share my thoughts, expectations, and core values. It can be used as a tool to reassure parents that the school and I know what we are doing.

Let your artistic and technology folks help too if those areas aren't your forte. Lawrence Middle School, a grade school in Deville, Louisiana. I have gotten many positive comments this year at my newly assigned school. Parents know that the newsletter will be in there every week. That way, you can access back issues at any time.

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Back issues can be very helpful when you're planning ahead next year, when you're stuck for content this year, or if you worry that you're leaving out something. A review of the newsletters from the same month the year before might reveal just the omission that's nagging at you.

If you start big, you're committed to keeping a feature. It's difficult to give up features once parents expect them. Or, as principal Ken Rogers, put it in his written response to our "Principal Files" conversation: Addie Gaines echoed Veranth and Rogers.

Remember, that newsletter is your ambassador for the school, so you want it to be a good representative. It can be positive, powerful PR! That aids readability, especially if you have parents who may not be advanced readers.

I have had some parents tell me that they like my newsletter better than those they had received at other schools because it isn't written with words they don't understand. Layne Hunt, principal at Monroe Michigan High School, agreed that it is essential that "your newsletter's message speaks to the reader rather than at the reader.

stuff to write about for a school newsletter

It doesn't impress them if they need a dictionary and thesaurus to understand what we have written. Quite frankly, writing in that way is insulting, condescending, and disrespectful.Oct 11,  · The magic behind a good school newsletter is a good article which explains what makes a good school newsletter and how to write it.

It provides us publication guidelines,advertising guidelines,distribution method and content as well as some suggested software which are very purpose of a good newsletter is a concert of 3 distinct parts: Leadership, Operations and Logistics.

Now all you have to do is plan things out a few months in advance so you have time to research, delegate, design, and create the content for your email newsletter. Editorial calendars provide several major . 9+ School Newsletter Templates – Free Sample, Example, Format Download!

Schools often send newsletters to parents informing them about the different events to be organized by the school. It could be some special function involving large number of students or a picnic where the students need to get parental permission.

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A newsletter published by the school must be interesting enough to ensure that it is read both by parents as well by the students. If you take a look at some newsletter samples, you might get a feeling that creating one will scoop out your significant amount of time.

School Newsletters Available Online We did a quick Internet search and found bunches of school newsletters available online. These newsletters might be a quick source of ideas for any principal who is thinking about starting or improving a school-to-parent newsletter. You can add a tidbit in each newsletter, create a timeline or write a longer piece on the company’s anniversary that covers the big milestones.

A letter from the owner. Have the owner craft a letter for the newsletter. The letter could thank customers for their support, provide goals for the upcoming year or talk about a new product the.

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