Syllabus of rtu ece branch

Why to take EC Branch? What you will learn in Electronics and communication Engineering? What purpose it serves for? It deals with designing equipment such as routers, switches, fiber optics, tablets, smartphones, circuitry and electronic switching systems.

Syllabus of rtu ece branch

Write a program to perform the complex arithmetic. Write a program to perform the rational number arithmetic. Write a program to perform the matrix operations. Implement Morse code to text conversion and vice-versa. To calculate Greatest Common Divisor of given numbers. To implement tower of Hanoi problem.

Program in Java 7. To implement spell checker using dictionary.

Helpline Number

To implement a color selector from a given set of colors. To implement a shape selector from a given set of shapes. By mapping keys to pens of different colors, implement turtle graphics. To implement a calculator with its functionality. Plot gain-frequency characteristics of BJT amplifier with and without negative feedback in the emitter circuit and determine bandwidths, gain bandwidth products and gains at 1kHz with and without negative feedback.

Study of series and shunt voltage regulators and measurement of line and load regulation and ripple factor. Plot and study the characteristics of small signal amplifier using FET.

Study of push pull amplifier.

Syllabus of rtu ece branch

Study the following oscillators and observe the effect of variation of C on oscillator frequency: To study and perform the following experiments. To study and perform experiment -Digital to analog and analog to digital converters. To study and perform experiment- Various types of counters and shift registers.

To study and perform experiment - a Astable b Monostable c Bistable Multivibrators and the frequency variation with different parameters, observe voltage waveforms at different points of transistor. To study and perform experiment -Voltage comparator circuit using IC To study and perform experiment- Schmitt transistor binary circuit.

History of Indian national movement, Socio economic growth after independence. Characteristics of Indian Economy. Continuous time and discrete time systems, Properties of systems. Linear time invariant systems - continuous time and discrete time. Properties of LTI systems and their block diagrams.

Convolution, Discrete time systems described by difference equations.Syllabus for & Communication Engineering) Up to Fourth YearRevised Syllabus of ECE (for the students who were admitted in Academic Session ) 2 Third Year - .

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UNIT-I PHYSICAL OPTICS Interference: Division of wave front-Fresnel's biprism, Division of amplitude–Newton's rings, Michelson interferometer, applications.

Notice for Marks filling of II & IV Sem. (Main Back Reback Mercy Back)(back) & I Sem (Held with II Sem.)(Back)Exam 12/06/ Previous year RTU question papers of Electronics & Communication branch of first, second, third and forth year/ all semesters.

Download papers of EC branch. Rajasthan Technical University offers various undergraduate degree courses namely, Bachelor of Technology (; Bachelor of Architecture ( and Bachelor of Hotel Management and Catering Technology (BHMCT).The various post graduate courses offered by University includes, Master of Technology (, Master of Business Administration (MBA), Master of Computer . | Rajasthan Technical University