The different kinds of heroes in the plays death of a salesman and 12 angry men

Indeed, it is almost enough to open a medieval manuscript in any region, to look carefully at a fresco or to contemplate sculptures to realize that the child is everywhere. Simple spectator, it is also found in the center of many compositions.

The different kinds of heroes in the plays death of a salesman and 12 angry men

In terms of the Euro-American tradition, the main periods are captured in the bipartite division, Modernist literature and Postmodern literatureflowering from roughly to and to [1] respectively, divided, as a rule of thumb, by World War II.

The somewhat malleable term of contemporary literature is usually applied with a post cutoff point. Although these terms modern, contemporary and postmodern are most applicable to Western literary history, the rise of the globalization has allowed European literary ideas to spread into non-Western cultures fairly rapidly, so that Asian and African literatures can be included into these divisions with only minor qualifications.

And in some ways, such as in Postcolonial literaturewriters from non-Western cultures were on the forefront of literary development.

Technological advances during the 20th century allowed cheaper production of books, resulting in a significant rise in production of popular literature and trivial literaturecomparable to the similar developments in music.

The division of "popular literature" and "high literature" in the 20th century is by no means absolute, and various genres such as detectives or science fiction fluctuate between the two.

Largely ignored by mainstream literary criticism for the most of the century, these genres developed their own establishments and critical awards; these include the Nebula Award sincethe British Fantasy Award since or the Mythopoeic Awards since Towards the end of the 20th century, electronic literature developed due to the development of hypertext and later the world wide web.

The Nobel Prize in Literature was awarded annually throughout the century with the exception of, and —the first laureate being Sully Prudhomme. The Lord of the Rings was also voted "book of the century" in various surveys.Drama film is a genre that relies on the emotional and relational development of realistic characters.

While Drama film relies heavily on this kind of development, dramatic themes play a large role in the plot as well. 23 themes Conflict One big conflict – 12 angry men arguing over a case – different backgrounds, views etc. Case itself is obviously result of conflict. Defendant . The s were a period of literary creativity, and works of several notable authors appeared during the period.

D. H. Lawrence's novel Lady Chatterley's Lover was a scandal at the time because of its explicit descriptions of sex.

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James Joyce's novel, Ulysses, published in in Paris, was one of the most important achievements of . The play Death of a Salesman greatly portrays a specific ideology in regards to values, dreams, goals, and success in our consumer-driven society. It helps showcase the American dream that society tends to strive for even in the early ’s (the play is set in the ’s).

The plays of Oedipus the King and Hamlet, although written in different time periods concoct the same form of tragedy.

The different kinds of heroes in the plays death of a salesman and 12 angry men

The definition of a tragedy as stated by Aristotle includes a characters hamartia or tragic flow, the reversal of the situation, recognition, suffering, natural means, as well as pity and fear. The Odyssey by Homer is an epic poem that has survived thousands of years!

It is the story of Odysseus, the crafty king of Ithaca, whose Trojan Horse idea helped win the war with Troy. Following his victory in Troy, he encounters many trials that delay him from reaching his home, Ithaca, and his queen, Penelope.

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