Therapeutic practice in in treatment an hbo television series

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Therapeutic practice in in treatment an hbo television series

HBO Professor Andrew Samuels In Treatment gives a very good impression of how therapists both benefit from, and are handicapped by, their own life experiences. Paul is able to use his issues with his own parents in his work; he feels that he was abandoned by his father and left to look after his depressive mother, so his training as a therapist really began in childhood.

Paul is a very contemporary, up-to-the-minute therapist.

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For instance, early in season two, one of his clients, Mia, comes in late with two cups of takeaway coffee, one of which she then spills on the table. Paul makes a whole bunch of interpretations of her behaviour — he implies that she has brought coffee for him because she used to drink coffee alone with her father in his store.

Most clients find it very difficult — intrusive, even — to be spoken to in this way. Paul has a general tendency to get a bit dominant and preachy. There are some significant cultural differences between the scripts.

But I did warm to Gabriel Byrne. Clinicians have to establish boundaries between themselves and their patients. Paul crosses these boundaries quite often, whether by physically attacking Alex the pilot or by generally making himself too available — he allows patients to cancel at short notice, often without exploring with the patients why they have done so.

Paul is a relational psychotherapist. This form of psychotherapy has become increasingly popular recently, and allows the therapist to engage more directly with their patients than is usually the case with classic psychotherapy.

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Empathy comes naturally to Paul — he took care of his depressed mother when he was a boy. His capacity for empathy sustains him when dealing with his rather difficult patient, Mia, in season two.

The fact that In Treatment is so popular is quite amazing. Usually TV audiences want cut, cut, move, move, action, action, and yet the ratings for this show are going up and up.

Doron Levene is a body psychotherapist based in north London, body-psychotherapy. But I really enjoyed it. It highlights the challenge you have as a therapist: Early in season two, we learn that the psychotherapist, Paul, is being sued by the family of one of his clients, Alex, a fighter pilot whose plane crashed in mysterious circumstances.

The family think it was suicide, and that Paul should have stopped Alex from flying.

Therapeutic practice in in treatment an hbo television series

In the UK, at least, there are only two situations in which a therapist has a legal obligation to inform the authorities about a client: But from an ethical point of view, whether or not you intervene depends on how likely you think the client is to go ahead with their threat, and whether you could do anything to stop them.

Divorces are difficult — you often have three people in the room, each with their own set of priorities. Paula Hall is a sexual and relationship psychotherapist based in Leamington Spa, paulahall. Walter keeps answering his mobile during sessions, which does often happen. Dr Whittick is a transpersonal psychotherapist based in Bude, Cornwall.

For more information about psychotherapy, or to find a therapist, visit psychotherapy.The Guardian - Back to home Gabriel Byrne as Paul Weston and Alison Pill as April in the second series of In Treatment. Photograph: HBO when you see anything about therapy on TV or in the.

Apr 03,  · A listing of credits on Friday with a television review of the HBO series “In Treatment” referred incorrectly to the director of some episodes, who is also an executive producer of the series.

'In Treatment', Therapeutic Boundaries and Ethical issues in the Second HBO TV Series, which include touch, dual relationships, serving food, leaving the office and power dynamics. Jan 28,  · Given that, it's all the more surprising that HBO's new half-hour drama In Treatment manages to be both riveting and the most convincing psychotherapy seen on .

In Treatment is an American HBO drama, where he worked at the Washington–Baltimore Psychoanalytic Institute and later established his private practice in Baltimore.

Therapeutic practice in in treatment an hbo television series

Season 1. Set in Baltimore, Best Television Series - Drama; Nominated – Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries, or TV Film Original network: HBO. Oh, right. Paul Weston isn't a real therapist. He's just a character on the HBO series In Treatment.

So, I suppose it's rather silly when my wi.

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